0B1 and Rowland The Bastard have re ignited Infected records and brought it back to life with this two track thumper. Collaborating together at The B00M B00M R00M Somerset, 0B1 brought some of the synths he had made down from Bristol, and the jam began.

A. In Tongues.

B. Tongues Out.

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A. In Tongues. Metallic bells creates the hook, and with a analog bass rumble rolls the track along nicely, breaking down into demonic vocals with effects. Deep, dark and pounding. everything you’d expect from Infected Records.

B. Tongues Out. The rolling analog bass drives this floor filler while horns and hoovers produce a dark atmosphere. Get your head down and lose yourself in the moment. classic breakdown intensifies and then filtered down to bring you back again.

Supported by D.A.V.E. The Drummer on his lockdown Sunday sessions. Listen Here.

Both tracks are written and produced by Rowland the Bastard and OB1 at The B00M B00M R00M, Somerset for Infected Records.