Rowland the Bastard and Zero Dayz AkA Eddie Santini & Alex Calver come together to give you four tracks of heavy grooves and compressed reverbs. Pre order now and receive a quality vinyl sticker pack and the MP3’s of the release for free!






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A1. The First Time (Zero Dayz) offers up a hard techno vibe with old school influences in the main breakdown complimented by the legendary reece bass.

A2. Broken Ego (Zero Dayz) brings a more rolling techno sound, head down and lose yourself within the bass. Championed by Perc.

B1. Sabretooth (RTB) heavily percussion accompanies a deep reverb’d bassline and power stags, dropping into a vocal lead breakdown, lots of rides and reverse kicks. typical from Rowland’s arrangements.

B2. 200506 (RTB) Going old school with this little number, influenced by Planet Rhythm and The Anxious, we present a mixing tool to get oput of any situation or simply to power along in your set.