A.B.P Podcast Episode #002. With the total legend Mark Darby. Mark is arguably one of the most influential people within the Southwest dance music culture in the 90’s. And he brought headlining acts every Wednesday to Mighty Forces nights held at The Volts in Exeter. Now called Move. His label’s first release was also the Aphex Twins first release. Mark also had his hand in cultivating the careers of Mark Pritchard, Tom Middletown, Jedi Nights, Matthew Herbert and many others. After Mark sold the shop he moved to London, where he worked at different distribution companies like Rough Trade and Amato. Now he is back in Devon, and Might Force the record label is back too. And along with the label and writing reviews on obscure records, he also manages to get the time to do a bi-weekly show on Love Summer Radio. Which is well worth checking out.